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Women of Courage in Scottish Movies

This piece originally appears as a sidebar with my article “Scotland on the Silver Screen” in the May 2014 issue of Scottish Memories. Here, I highlight three films from three eras that feature courageous women as central characters. The Pride of the Clan (1917) When was the last time you sat down and watched a … Continue reading

The Scottish Roots of Curling

Like a number of sports, the origins of curling are up for some debate. After all, who can say which person or people group were the first to enjoy skimming stones across frozen water? Because of the conditions needed, it seems a sure bet that it originated in a northern European country. Wherever it began, … Continue reading

The Day When Two Become One

I was married on July 3rd, 2008 in Everett, Washington. My mother and father were married in Edinburgh on October 16th, 1977. Her mother and father on Dec. 18th, 1929 in Edinburgh. Her grandparents on April 27th, 1904 in Leith. Her great-grandparents on Dec. 7th, 1880 in Aberdeen and her great-great-grandparents on April 30th, 1853 … Continue reading

Isle of Skye, St. Andrew’s, & Reuniting with Family

Two weeks is not long enough to see Scotland. My wife and I knew this going into our trip, although it didn’t stop us from packing every day with as much as possible. The last few days of our week-long road trek around Scotland was no different. From the beauty of central Scotland’s west coast, … Continue reading

Land & Sea: Isle of Arran and the City of Glasgow

Arran An hour in Kildonan is all it takes to know the peace the island brings. Seagulls glide on wind that’s full of salt and song, seals and dolphins hide between the crests, and locals puff and sip and blether. Beyond the lighthouse that no longer shows the way lies Holy Isle and the shores … Continue reading